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Gemini Adhesive GrabFast Clear - 17kg Canister

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GrabFast is a high-performance, fast-tacking, industrial contact adhesive.

Although it was initially designed for bonding decorative laminates to particle board it is now used on a wide variety of substrates including veneers, wood, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, polythene, acrylic, metal, fabric, upholstery and a whole host of other materials.

The initial grab is so good that the substrates that have been bonded can be handled and machined almost immediately. This allows the work-piece to be completed without any down time which is crucial in a busy working environment.

The nature of the spray system means that it is maintenance free, clean and cost effective, as compared to normal hand-applied contact adhesive. No more trowelling on of adhesive and waiting for it to go off. Spray both substrates, wait just a few minutes for the adhesive to tack up, and bring them together using a roller to form a permanent bond.