Tredaire Super 8mm PU Underlay

Tredaire Super 8mm PU Underlay

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Polyurethane Rebond Underlay Suitable for stretch-fit installation of carpets. 

As a PU carpet underlay, manufactured in the UK, this 8mm carpet underlay can be used domestically and is exactly what you need to make your property more comfortable. Super carpet underlay fits beneath the carpet to provide additional support and protection for your carpet.

This 8mm carpet underlay is priced competitively  to ensure you receive the best value for money. 

  • Nominal density 80 kg/m³
  • Nominal roll weight 10.50 kg
  • Nominal roll area 15.07m² (1.37m x 11.0m)
  • Nominal thickness 8.00mm

Price is for a full roll - 15m2