Mapei Ultrabond Eco 170 15kg

Mapei Ultrabond Eco 170 15kg

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Ultrabond Eco 170 15kg

Ultrabond Eco 170 is used for bonding textile floor coverings with all types of backing material on all kinds of internal, absorbent substrates normally used in the building industry which are stable in the  presence of humidity.


Ultrabond Eco 170 is a solvent-free, synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion supplied in a beige-coloured paste form, which is easy to spread.

Adhesive in water dispersion with a strong initial bond, long open time and extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC), specially developed for textile floors.

Ultrabond Eco 170 is not inflammable, does not contain toxic substances and has an extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 Plus), which makes it harmless for those who use the product and for those who use the environments in which it is applied. It may also be stored without taking any particular precautions. Ultrabond Eco 170 is an adhesive with a very high initial bond, in spite of its long open time, so that materials may be laid up to 30-40 minutes after application.

Ultrabond Eco 170 has been developed so that it is particularly suitable for laying textile floor coverings in environments subject to intense traffic and the passage of wheelchairs.

Coverage per 15kg tub is @55m2