Ultrabond Eco Tack 15kg

Ultrabond Eco Tack 15kg

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Solvent-free, carpet tile tackifier dispersed in water, for the non-permanent installation of carpet tiles. Allows the replacement of carpet tiles as and when required. Low emissions of VOC.

CONSUMPTION: approx. 190-220m2 per 15kg and approx. 70m2 per 5kg.

APPLICATION: by roller.


A solvent-free, non-staining acrylic-based adhesive designed to provide a permanently tacky film when dry, to allow the removal and replacement of carpet tiles when required.

Some application examples

Use Ultrabond Eco Tack for:

  • bonding carpet tiles backed with PVC, polypropylene, fibre backed bitumen and other polymer backings onto concrete, cementitious screeds, raised access floor panels, asphalt, terrazzo, chipboard, plywood, smoothing compounds and some existing floor coverings.

Ultrabond Eco Tack is also suitable for use over underfloor heating systems (surface temperature must not exceed British Standard recommendations). The heating should be switched off at least 48 hours before and after the installation of floor covering. In areas subject to excessive variations of temperature, and floor coverings not completely dimensionally stable, care should be taken as movement may occur causing gaping.