Recycled Felt / Plastic

The felt used in Serenity Supreme, Serenity Supreme Wool Plus and Serenity Indulgence is made from 100% recycled fibres – so where do they come from?

SERENITY SUPREME WOOL PLUS The fibres used in SERENITY SUPREME WOOL PLUS are 100% wool – hence the name.

Footfall Underlay work with various partners involved in the carpet trade to recover the waste fibres from virtually every part of the process to make wool carpet fibres – the shearing, the spinning, the dyeing and the carpet mill itself.

They take everything that would otherwise be considered waste, this is mainly because the fibre lengths are too short. They then  separate out most of the dirt and debris and needle the wool fibres together to create a soft, luxurious and highly resilient woollen felt.

SERENITY SUPREME The fibres for SERENITY SUPREME are a mixture of most fibres – wool, polyester, polypropylene and nylon - used in the manufacture of carpets added to natural jute fibres recycled from coffee sacks.

The softer fibres are used on the top of the felt with the jute forming a base layer. This construction gives a very hard wearing felt that also has the feel and resilience needed for a high-quality carpet support system.

SERENITY INDULGENCE The fibres for SERENITY INDULGENCE are 100% recycled polyester from PET bottles. After your plastic drinks bottle is sent to the recycling centre it is separated, washed and shredded. Clear bottles can be made into clear polyester which can be dyed into other colours and then used for many different types of textile product. The coloured bottles are a bit more difficult in that the colour can be dominant, so they chose a black felt which can be made from any colour of bottle. In this way they help to recycle more bottles.


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