Flooring Storage UK was set up in 2015 by three experienced flooring specialists.  Fed up with the cost and inconvenience of storing their carpets in lockups and on shop floors, they decided to combine their resources and create an efficient method for the logistics of their own businesses. The trade counter has now transformed into Flooring SuppliesUK.com and is part of The Independent Flooring Group.

With ever rising costs for storage and flooring accessories, they also recognised the need to be able to purchase every accessory needed for any type of flooring or carpet installation.

So, Flooring Storage UK was born.  Situated in a warehouse, conveniently located close to Junction 23 of the M25, the business offers storage services and a trade counter to carpet & flooring retailers, contractors and fitters.

The impact on the founders’ businesses has been significant, from giving them back valuable time to spend with their families to saving them money on renting damp lockups, alongside the convenience of their fitters not having to be present for deliveries.

The directors, Paul, Scott and Jim have between them over 70 years’ experience in the flooring trade, this is what they say:



“I no longer have to rent lock up garages, that are prone to damp and in an awkward location, my showroom is no longer cramped with delivered rolls of carpet, giving a much more professional and better shopping experience to customers, winning me more sales.”

Paul Abbot Director

“Two operations on my back meant that unloading deliveries was no longer an option, couple that with fitters now loading off site and being able to cut up inside, the impact on my business has been huge. We are never short of materials for jobs, fitters arrive at our customers earlier with everything they need, meaning less call back and more material fitted.”

“I would say using Flooring Storage UK saves me the equivalent of 1 days’ work every week.”

Scott Wilson Director

“Most of my work is for commercial projects in London.  Organising deliveries and handling large amounts of carpet and flooring materials whilst working from home was a nightmare. It usually meant the boring stuff like accounts and admin would pile up until I was forced to deal with it.  Since using Flooring Storage UK I have been able to take on more fitters, spend more time on my admin work and complete tenders on time during the week, freeing up my weekends to spend with my family.”

Jim Byrne Director

As time went on the business has grown, to the point now where it was necessary to offer more.

More choice, and more services. And so evolved ‘Flooring Trade Counter’. A bespoke e-commerce site enabling customers to ‘Click & Collect’ in the comfort of their own home, van or direct from site 24/7. The site will evolve further with plans to offer nationwide delivery, and to stock leading brand carpets for New builds and Rental properties.