Recycled Tyres in the flooring industry?

Have you ever thought about what happens to your car tyres when you have to replace them?

Well first you will be charged a small recycling fee by the tyre retailer.

He then pays a professional collector to remove his scrap tyres, the collector stores and sorts the tyres and then sends them to a specialist recycler who charges him a gate fee to convert the tyres into a re-useable raw material.

That’s where Footfall come in, they buy the tyre crumb from the recycler and use it as the basis for most of their flooring support systems. It might seem a pain to you to have to replace your 4 tyres every 30,000 miles or so but consider the problem we would have if the 50 MILLION used tyres in the UK every year weren’t recycled and re-used.

So, give yourself a pat on the back because when you sell a roll of Footfall Underlay you are part of one of the most successful recycling schemes in Europe!


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